Frogblast: The Ventcore Project

The Plan - Who Is Doing What, To Whom, and When
Marathon Map UT Map Name Mapper Status
Beyond Thunderdome DM-FbBeyondThunderdome][ Wolfchild Done 00.04.04
Beyond Thunderdome
(Kingof the Hill)
KOTH-FbBeyondThunderdome][ Wolfchild Done 00.04.23
Duality DM-FbDuality Hobeaux Done 00.04.07
(King of the Hill)
KOTH-FbDuality Hobeaux Done 00.04.07
E=MC WHAT?!? DM-FbE=MCWhat][ Wolfchild Done 00.04.04
Everyone's Mortal But Me][ DM-FbEveryonesMortal][ Hobeaux Done 00.11.09
Everyone's Mortal But Me][
(King of the Hill)
KOTH-FbEveryonesMortal][ Hobeaux Done 00.11.09
Giant Flaming Pit of Lava DM-FbGiantFlamingPitofLava rand half done (the easy half), texture converting is coming along slowly, after that (and my new job) it should be finished within the month. 00.07.08
Grendel's Happy Cookie DM-FbGrendel'sHappyCookie Wolfchild Done 00.05.29
House of Pain DM-FbHouseofPain][ Wolfchild Done 00.04.04
House of Pain
(King of the Hill)
KOTH-FbHouseofPain][ Wolfchild Done 00.07.03
King of Pain DM-FbKingofPain Wolfchild Done. 00.11.11
King of Pain
(King of the Hill)
KOTH-FbKingofPain Wolfchild Done. 00.11.11
Mars Needs Women DM-FbMarsNeedWomen Wolfchild Done 00.07.04
Melatonin DM-FbMelatonin Hobeaux Done 00.03.03
(King of the Hill)
KOTH-FbMelatonin Hobeaux Done 00.04.07
Morpfhine Dm-FbMorpfhine Hobeaux Stalled. 00.06.03
reverof nohtaraM DM-FbreverofnohtaraM Wolfchild Geometry is done except for Movers. Awaiting T & L and item placement. No progress since June. 00.08.05
Route 66 (604 or better) DM-FbRoute66 Hobeaux Done 00.03.03
Route 66 (604 or better)
(King of the Hill)
KOTH-FbRoute66 Hobeaux Done 00.04.07
Sands Serif (Good Looking) DM-FbSandsSerif][ Wolfchild Done 00.04.04
Waldo World Arena DM-FbWaldoWorldArena Phorte Map 5% done tutorial #1: 50% done
What Goes Up, Must Come Down DM-FbWhatGoesUpMustComeDown Wolfchild Geometry is 100% done. T & L 30% done. Movers 50% done. Needs items and pathnoding. 00.08.05
Wrath No More? v1.1 DM-FbWrathNoMore][1v1 Wolfchild Done 00.04.04
Revised 00.07.17
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