Frogblast: The Ventcore Project

Map Name Compatibility File size Latest Update
DM-FbBeyondThunderdome][ UT 293K 00.04.04
DM-FbDuality UT 384K 00.04.07
DM-FbE=MCWhat][ UT 110K 00.04.04
DM-FbEveryonesMortalButMe][ UT 357K 00.11.09
DM-FbGrendel'sHappyCookie UT 567K 00.05.29
DM-FbHouseofPain][ UT 157K 00.04.04
DM-FbKingofPain UT 371K 00.11.11
DM-FbMarsNeedsWomen UT 717K 00.07.04
DM-FbMelatonin UT 136K 00.03.03
DM-FbReturnToCrete UT 183K 00.11.13
DM-FbRoute66 UT 437K 00.03.03
DM-FbSandsSerif][ UT 206K 00.04.04
DM-FbWrathNoMore][ v1.1 UT 227K 00.07.17
KOTH-FbBeyondThunderdome][ UT 137K 00.04.23
KOTH-FbEveryonesMortalButMe][ UT 373K 00.11.09
KOTH-FbDuality UT 403K 00.04.07
KOTH-FbHouseofPain][ UT 161K 00.07.03
KOTH-FbKingofPain UT 376K 00.11.11
KOTH-FbMelatonin UT 319K 00.04.07
KOTH-FbRoute66 UT 458K 00.04.07
Because the KOTH mod for UT is still in development, you must download the KOTH mod separately. Visit the Mods page for more info.

Map Name Compatibility File size Latest Update
Beyond Thunderdome Unreal 84K 00.01.11
Controlled By Gamma Light Unreal 248K 00.01.11
E=MC What? Unreal 67K 00.01.13
House of Pain Unreal 82K 00.01.11
Melatonin Unreal 269K 00.01.14
Route 66 Unreal 210K 00.01.14
Sands Serif Unreal 158K 00.01.11
Wrath No More Unreal 165K 00.01.11
KOTH Beyond Thunderdome Unreal KOTH 120K 00.01.11
KOTH House of Pain Unreal KOTH 124K 00.01.11
KOTH Melatonin Unreal KOTH 306K 00.01.14
KOTH Route 66 Unreal KOTH 248K 00.01.14
KOTH Morbias Unreal KOTH 176K 00.01.14

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