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Frogblast Returns To Life With New Server and Domains 01.06.20

Well we're back (you didn't really think you could get rid of us, did you?). We now have our own domains (both and and a spiffy new site. However be aware that we still don't have the forum back up, so the links to it are broken. Also, the map author links all refer to the authors' forum profiles, so those aren't working either. But downloads are back, as well as the snappy and enlightening commentary usually found on this page. :-)


Return to Crete and link fixes 00.11.13

I have released a new deathmatch map, Return to Crete! This relatively small map was initially developed for the recent 5-Cubes mapping contest that occurred over the summer. The map has an old-school Marathon feel to it and so I decided to release the map to the Marathon community. While it plays pretty well under the Rampancy mod, the weapon selection isn't that great (lots of shotguns, a couple of Rocket Launchers and a Flamethrower). I may produce a map specifically for the Rampancy mod, but don't expect it too soon.

Oh yes, the recent Mortal maps which were released last week had corrupted in transit to the webserver. I've replaced both the DM and the KOTH versions of the EveryonesMortal][ maps. Enjoy!


King of Pain - Two Flavors! 00.11.11

Hobeaux's release of EMBM][ has prodded me into action. My conversions of King of Pain (Frigidman's excellent reprise of Marathon II's House of Pain) have been languishing on my hard disk for months. Realizing that the churning creative ferment guiding Hobeaux's sinewy arms was rapidly eclipsing my own meager contributions to this project I decided to reach into my own compost pile and pull out some pungent, steaming nuggets of my own.
(Jeez - how do I come up with this crap?)

Anyway, two versions of King of Pain are available on the downloads page - Death Match and King of the Hill. I added some architecture that could make you snipers happy if the server has the transloc enabled - at least for DM. For KOTH, you won't have time for that crap since I added a little bit of tectonic action. (Well, what else would you call a moving Hill?) Unlike my other KOTH maps, this one has the invis. I didn't figure that it would cause too much imbalance since whenever you are on the Hill you have a glowing red shadow.


Everyone's Mortal But Me -- Released! 00.11.09

Oh. My. God.

After what seems to be an eternity, I have finally finished both the DM and KOTH versions of Everyone's Mortal But Me! You can grab the maps on the Downloads page and if you don't have the King of the Hill mod (KOTH) yet, grab it from the Mods page.


Everyone's Mortal But Me -- Beta! 00.08.21

Two posts in one day? Somebody get me a drink!

This is to let all of you rabid Marathon fans know that we have released a new Beta version of the King of the Hill map, "Everyone's Mortal But Me." This map has been in progress off and on since June (more off than on) and is finally in a state where I would show it to others without cringing. Use this opportunity to give it a thorough run-through; if no changes are required then I'll write up the ReadMe and call it done!

Forget what Mortal looked like? Well, here's a couple of shots to remind you (granted, it's gone through a few cosmetic changes but it's still the same KOTH map that you've known and loved):

As with all KOTH maps, you'll need the KOTH2 mod in order to play it. Be sure to grab it from the Mods page.


We raise our glasses 00.08.21

Gosh, it's been a long time since the last update! We received a letter from Robert Camacho and the rest of the gang at Ameritech (you know who you are) extoling the virtues of the work that we've put in to converting Marathon multiplayer maps to Unreal Tournament. It got me right here and just had to post it for all to share:

A bunch of guys at work and I were always doin some fraggin after a hard day at the office. 5:00 o'clock came and so did Marathon. For an hour we'd relieve our frustrations and on a really bad day we'd have a few hidden beers to chug down during the fray. Then one of the guys brought in Unreal and now UT which has been our new therapy session of late after 5:00. But you have just raised our sessions a notch with the inclusion of your wonderful Marathon recreations for UT. Dhuuude, we all here raise our Brewskis to you and a belch of thanks.

It's a slow, and usually thankless, job converting the Marathon maps to Unreal Tournament-- but it's letters like these that keep us at the computers. Drinks on the house!


Mars Needs Women 00.07.04

To celebrate Independence Day, we give you Mars Needs Women. This is probably the single most-played network map ever made - even when considering games other than Marathon. In the days of the first appearance of Marathon (and I'm talking about the leaked beta that pre-dated the demo) there was only this one network map. Then the official demo came out and it too had only one network map - Mars Needs Women. When Marathon II: Durandal came out it would have seemed as though Mars was only a fond memory. However, after being reprised in Marathon Infinity with new textures Mars enjoyed a resurgence. Now in the twilight of the time of Marathon, Frogblast: The Ventcore Project is giving this progenitor of network maps new legs by bringing it to UT.

Mars Needs Women has easily been the single most-requested map for conversion to UT. Here it is - complete with the original textures. When was the last time you got nostalgic over a video game? Well dry your eyes and go get it from the downloads page.


House of Pain ][ finally released for KOTH 00.07.03

Wow, has it really been a month since the last update here? Could this mean that Frogblast members have gotten lives? Naw - relax. We're still the same asocial geeks we've always been.

Now you can add House of Pain to your KOTH map list. It took me a damnably long time to get the lighting effect working but I think I've finally bent it to my will. What lighting effect you ask? Well, I call it the Billie Jean Effect. For those of you not old enough to recall the Michael Jackson video you're just going to have to play the map to find out what it is. The map is available now on the downloads page.


Grendel's Happy Cookie fresh from the oven 00.05.29

After about four months the conversion of Grendel's Happy Cookie is now complete. This map originally appeared in the Marathon Infinity map pack Coriolis Loop from the now-defunct Double Aught Software.

While the basic geometry is still as close to the original as I could make it, this map is more heavily stylized with eye candy and such than my previous conversions. The previous maps gave excellent frame rates on even the most out-dated video cards. The added eye candy on Grendel means that you may either want to turn down the texture detail level, turn down the bots' skill level, or turn up your check book for a new video card. :-) It's not that bad really - with my Voodoo2 card I can beat a half a dozen Masterful bots (and I don't own) - but there is a noticeable drop in FPS in a couple of areas.

Download the Cookie, get Happy, and then go to the forum and tell Grendel how you like it (or how you like me pimping my own map).


King of the Hill has arrived 00.04.07

The round of the long-awaited King of the Hill maps have finally been released. For those of you that don't know what King of the Hill is, let me take a moment to explain...

The point of King of the Hill is to dominate one location on the map, the Hill(s) for a predetermined period of time. The first player to reach that time limit wins. Maps that are properly designed for KOTH are quite chaotic and amazingly fun :)

Here is a list of the first round of King of the Hill (KOTH) maps:

  • KOTH-FbDuality
  • KOTH-FbMelatonin
  • KOTH-FbRoute66
FbDuality is also now available as a DM map. Bonus! Go to the Downloads page to get them.


New Frogblast Maps! 00.04.04

Wolfchild has been working like a madman to develop more Frogblast maps for all you crazy Marathon fans. Remember fraggin' your friends on Beyond Thunderdome? Remember how sweet it was to wax your co-workers on Wrath No More? Re-live those experiences on our recreations of those maps and more! Here's the list of today's maps:

  • FbBeyond Thunderdome][
  • FbE=MC What?
  • FbHouse of Pain
  • FbSands Serif
  • FbWrath No More?
Hit the downloads section for to grab these puppies!


New Website 00.03.27

Lo! And Behold! Frogblast: The Ventcore Project is sporting a brand new website! Many thanks go out to ELMORE who had provided the previous website -- but it was time for an upgrade.

On this site you should come to find all the latest developments on the Frogblast project: new maps, new mods (should we develop any more), and so forth.

Keep an eye out on this page, as a new King of the Hill map pack is due out Any Day Now (TM)!


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